Bitcoin Applications

Bitcoin Applications

The Best Bitcoin wallet apps of 2021.  During the pandemic period, the orientation towards Bitcoin increased. For this reason, bitcoin wallet applications have also come to the fore. We also included Bitcoin this time in our best practices news series, which we prepared on certain issues. Here are the’best bitcoin wallet apps of 2021′. Top 8 ‘Bitcoin wallet apps’you can use.

The cryptocurrency sector has been in our lives for a long time. The most popular currency in this sector, which we call virtual currency, is Bitcoin. Digital wallets are just as important to bitcoin owners. For this reason, as Email Sign Login editors, we are here with our news about the best Bitcoin wallet applications. Here are the’best bitcoin wallet apps of 2021′. ‘The best cryptocurrency wallets’.

Bitcoin Wallet Applications

Here are the ‘bitcoin wallet apps’that are most preferred with their main features and receive the most positive comments from users.


‘Exodus’, which ranks first in our list of the best bitcoin wallet apps, is an app that offers multiple cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple. The application that you started using by creating your account for the first time with a password also offers an easy use. Although the lack of two-factor authentication is one of the shortcomings of the application, we can say that it is much more secure than other web wallets. However, when the application is logged in, it offers the price and value information of cryptocurrency options to the user in a chart, and it is necessary to follow these charts, which we call portfolio. By following the user portfolio, it has the opportunity to keep up with the rapidly changing market. Exodus also has an internal trading feature.


We continue our list with ‘Coinami’, one of the most widely used cryptocurrency wallets. The app, which supports more than 25 languages, also allows you to manage multiple accounts, each with its own encryption settings. After downloading the app to your phone, be sure to write down your recovery password. If you lose this recovery password, you will not be able to recover your wallets when you have a problem with the app. Then you start using the app by verifying your recovery statement and selecting a second password.


‘Coinbase’, one of the most preferred cryptocurrency wallets with more than 35 million users, ranks third on our list. With Coinbase, one of the best cryptocurrency wallets, you can follow your cryptocurrency in any environment and get instant information about its prices and values. By locking the application, which offers a multi-stage verification code, with a password, you can remotely disable access to the application if your phone is lost or stolen.

BRD Wallet

You can immediately launch the ‘BRD Wallet’ app, one of the best Bitcoin wallets, without any registration. Although the app promises that it is also designed for the expert, it is very useful for those who are more at the beginning stage. One of the shortcomings of the BRD wallet is the lack of two-factor authentication. In addition, it promises to store your cryptocurrencies in an hackable environment. If you have any problems with the application, you can contact the customer support team.


In our list of the best bitcoin wallet apps, ‘Mycelium’ app is next. It is also possible to manage the app from multiple devices, which promises speed and confidence. When you download the application that carries the setup and run logic to your mobile, you log in with one touch and it becomes ready to use. In this sense, it offers the user the speed it promises. One of the shortcomings of the application is that it does not support Turkish. We can say that it will not appeal to those who want a Turkish application. In addition, the app, which also has a local investor feature, allows you to find other people to trade bitcoin.

Bitcoin Applications
Bitcoin Applications


With security measures such as fingerprint login, two-factor authentication, pin code lock, email confirmation for every transaction, Frewallet enters our list as one of the best bitcoin wallet apps. It offers 24/7 customer support if you have any problems with the app you started using by signing in with your email address, facebook, google account, or phone number. Freewallet, which supports 13 languages, stores more than 100 currencies from a single point. In the app, where you can perform free transactions, you can also track your balance and exchange rates with price tables.

Infinito Wallet

Another app on our list is ‘Infinito Wallet’. This application, which supports multiple languages, also has customer support that the user can reach 24/7 if there is a problem. The app, where you use passwords to confirm all transactions and changes, tries to ensure risk control for all transactions. The app also offers three wallet options: private key wallet, 12-word password wallet and Exchange Service wallet.

Jaxx Liberty Blockchain

Last on our list of the best bitcoin wallet apps is ‘Jaxx Liberty Blockchain’. In this application, you can track the value changes of your asset balances, including hours, days, weeks and months, and access the latest crypto news. The application that you start using by specifying your password also provides support for 7 days, and when you look at user comments, it is usually found to be a successful application.

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